Welcome to the Johnson Lab Software Page

Check out the Johnson Lab Homepage: https://www.wejlab.org

Our lab’s software projects can be found at the following GitHub repositories:

Combining Multiple Batches of -omic Data(ComBat, Combat-Seq, BatchQC): Our tools for batch correction are highly cited, widely-used, and commonly downloaded (107,477 package downloads in 2020; top 3% of all packages in R/Bioconductor).

Metagenomic profiling and multi-sample analysis (PathoScope, MetaScope, animalcules, LegATo):

Signature scoring, curation, and validation in TB research (TBSignatureProfiler, curatedTBData, ASSIGN):

Tools and Workflows for Single Cell RNA-seq Analysis. (singleCellTK):

Single and Multi-Channel Array Normalization and barcoding (SCAN-UPC, MAT, MA2C):

Genomic Next-generation Universal Mapper (GNUMAP):